For food, clothing, healthcare, transportation and virtually every facet of modern life, we depend upon a supply chain. This Logistics and Supply Chain Management course from The University of Hull Online aims to empower students with an in-depth understanding of logistics and supply chain management by enhancing their knowledge of its importance and role as a source of competitive advantage.

  • become a reflective leader and professional logistics and supply chain management practitioner, equipped with the skills to address the challenges of a global business economy
  • develop deep insights into best practices in logistics and supply chain management methods, tools and techniques
  • equip yourself with advanced operational and strategic capabilities and competencies in contemporary logistics and supply chain management
  • network with like-minded professionals and experience the value of diversity, the challenge of alternate world-views, and the consequent importance of being a competent communicator
  • master, critically and reflectively, the complexity of modern global supply chains, managing the interconnected relationships among the different stakeholders and supply networks 
    TUITION: $15,000

    The course is available in the following countries:

    • Canada
    • USA
    • Netherlands
    • Lithuania