The Film Making course will enable you to develop film production skills with digital equipment and the opportunity to use analogue equipment, as well as knowledge of the theories of contemporary cinema. The focus is placed firmly on developing clear and simple storytelling techniques that go beyond arbitrary formal categorisations of drama, documentary or genre.

  • This course encourages you to synthesise your personal experience, critical knowledge and craft skills to express yourself through moving pictures.
  • You will be taught film making theory and practice together through practical workshops.
  • Staff on this course are practising filmmakers.
  • The course is informed by practice and research in black cinema, neo-realist cinema, storytelling, participative documentary and underground cinema.

The film making course will equip you for lifelong film making and lifelong learning. It prepares you with techniques to sustain a film making practice beyond the university for:

  • employment within the film industry or as an independent film maker
  • further study.

The core skills will enable you to produce films in an independent, pragmatic and accountable manner. This will enhance your employability and begin the process of making you a genuinely independent film maker in command of your own material.

TUITION: $15,000

The course is available in the following countries:

  • Ireland
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Germany